Working together for quality public education.

Who is and how did they become a steering committee?

From the Dunwoody Parents Concerned About Quality Education Facebook Page: 

Who is and how did they become a steering committee?

We’re a group of Dunwoody parents, business owners, homeowners, and taxpayers concerned about quality education, people who came together in a shared vision that it was time to do something about public education in Dunwoody. We have different ideas, opinions, and perspectives, but we’re united in the belief that our children deserve a quality education. Our mandate? To gather and share information and ideas across the community.

Right now, we are reaching out to the school councils, PTO/PTA/PTSOs of each school in the Dunwoody cluster to begin a dialogue about the opportunities and challenges facing each one. Those meetings will be the beginning of a community-wide discussion through public forums, working committees, and other engagement opportunities.

Right now, school councils are reviewing a Letter of Intent to CONSIDER a charter school cluster option (not a commitment and certainly not a petition). Two community volunteers are shepherding the Letter to each school. If it’s approved, representatives of each school will head up the effort, with volunteers staffing each working committee.

Right now, Tom Taylor is networking his Legislation providing for the creation of a City of Dunwoody School System, a process that picks up next fall when the legislature reconvenes. (The Charter Cluster effort and the City of Dunwoody School System option actually complement each other – the work for the Charter Cluster can directly translate into the structure of the City School System.)

Right now, Dunwoody’s City Council is investigating the costs of a feasibility study for a City of Dunwoody School System AND appealing to Superintendent Thurmond to allow dual accreditation for Dunwoody High School.

Right now, many things are happening. Stay tuned. Like this page. Share it with your friends.

We’re all in this together!

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Steering Committee

Claire Botsch
Deb Cameron
Gil Hearn
Allegra Johnson
Donna Cannady Nall
Rick Otness
Heyward Wescott
Robert Wittenstein

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